Visit Italy with us!

The Dante Alighieri school is the only in Italy to offer you 9 special excursions guided by your teachers to some of Italy’s most beautiful cities, rich with history, art and tradition. All trips (by comfortable tourist coaches) are guided by our teachers.
These visits as well as cultural lessons in class will give you a real insight into the wonderful history, art, and culture of each city.


Every month you can take part for free in one of these special Italian events; they, too, are guided by your teachers and the cost is included in the course fee!


January: Festival of “Torrone” Camerino

July: Opera at Macerata

February: Theatre Season in Recanati

August: Palio di Siena

March: Venice Carnival

September: Venice Regatta

April: San Marino Corteo (historical procession)

October: The wine harvest and festival

May: Camerino Medieval Festival

November: Theatre at Jesi

June: San Vito Festival


Scuola Dante Alighieri - lun/sab 09AM 6PM