You may start your Italian language course every first or second Monday of the month. Please check-out our course starting dates page.
Absolute beginners must start the course on the first Monday of the 4 week course.

We will wait for you at 10:00 am in the main reception area of the school. All students will take a written placement test that enables us to find the appropriate level. (A1 – A2 / B1-B2 / C1-C2). In the afternoon all students will attend the presentation of the courses; after that, a cocktail will be held to welcome the new students.

STANDARD ITALIAN LANGUAGE COURSE: 09:00 – 13:00 , 20-minute break, 11:00 – 11:20.
For homework and exercises you should consider one extra hour per day.
All apartments are very close to the school: a few minutes’ walk and you are in class!

These books (text & exercises) are used in conjunction with authentic teaching materials such as newspaper and magazine articles, audiovisual materials, and activities inside the classroom.

  1. “Caffè Italia vol 1-2-3”
  2. “Bellissimo vol 1-2-3”
  3. “Espresso vol 1-2-3”
  4. “Magari”
  5. “Contatto”

You can buy or rent the books. If you choose to buy them you pay 20 Euros. If you rent them you pay a deposit of 30 Euros, but at the end of the month – when you return the books undamaged and not written on – we will give 20 Euros back to you (10 euro will be cost for the rent).

Scuola Dante Alighieri uses the Direct Method: from the first day on, at all levels, only Italian is spoken. Speaking is the most important part of our tuition. The continuous use of verbal communication lets you learn Italian ‘naturally’, combining theory and practice with no great problems and lets you increase your knowledge quickly and with confidence.
You are encouraged to practice your spoken Italian in real-life situations, with your teacher, and with other partecipants, in pairs and groups. In advanced courses written language will also be taught.

All of our teachers are highly qualified. Most of them  studied Italian language and literature at Perugia University mainly for teaching Italian as a Second Language. All of our teachers attended specific training courses in teaching Italian to foreigners (at the University for Foreigners of Perugia and Siena).
Our school offers both CELI (Certificate of Knowledge of Italian Language issued by the University for Foreigners of Perugia) and DILS (Didactics of Italian Foreign Language) of the Università per Stranieri di Perugia certification exams. www.cvcl.it

SCUOLA DANTE ALIGHIERI CERTIFICATES: At the end of each course, students with regular attendance receive the certificate of attendance indicating the level of proficiency attained.
The level of proficiency will be expressed according to the parameters and requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the European Council.

60% of our students are aged between 17 and 30 seeking to improve their Italian language skills and awareness of Italian culture.
30% of our students are already working; about 10% are business managers and executives of different nationalities. 10% are retired and wish to improve their Italian and familiarize themselves with Italian culture.

Scuola Dante Alighieri offers 6 different course levels from beginner to advanced. Each course level usually consists of 20 lessons per week, over a period of 4 weeks. If you are good at languages and you work hard, it is possible to complete the Beginner, Basic and Intermediate levels in 12 weeks. By the end of the Intermediate level we confidently expect you to have developed a considerable knowledge of Italian. Your fluency and range of expressions in conversation will increase, allowing you to use a more varied language.

The town and its surroundings offer a variety of leisure activities, which our students can undertake by themselves.
We also organise leisure activities on a regular basis:

  1. Informal dinners, which enable teachers and students to get to know each other better;
  2. Guided visits in the History of Art;
  3. Film evenings at the school;
  4. Day and half-day excursions (Roma or Venice, Firenze or Siena, Assisi, Perugia, Gubbio and town of Marche Region);
  5. Participation in concerts, theater performances,  and folk events;
  6. Visits to wineries.
  7. Sport activities
  8. Shopping in some of the outlet shops of the area.

Every month our school displays its own calendar of cultural activities. In this way participants will always be well- informed about exhibitions, concerts, films and other events. On weekends we happily advise students to go on individual trips. All students receive a written guide indicating rail connections, car rental, taxi information, etc.

Free Time

From Recanati you can easily reach other cities leaving from the bus station. Coaches to Rome, Florence, Ancona, Macerata, Foligno, Fabriano, Visso, Perugia and many more. Check www.contram.it.

Since Recanati hosts many university students, it offers many opportunities to enjoy one’s free time; you can check on www.comune.Recanati.mc.it


  1. Theatre
  2. Cinema
  3. Cultural events
  4. Conferences


  1. Museo Diocesano www.museiciviciediocesanimarche.it
  2. Pinacoteca e Museo Civici


  1.  Biblioteca Comunale


For jogging lovers, safe urban paths are available.


The apartments are located in the historical city centre (“Centro storico”), so the students can get to school walking a few minutes from home. In this situation you share a flat with other students from our school. Kitchen and bathroom are of communal use for you and your flatmates.
Each apartment (for max 4-5 people) has a private entrance, two/three bedrooms, equipped kitchen, bathroom, TV and wifi. Washing machines are also available for the students’ use.
The apartments are furnished and the kitchens are supplied with all essential kitchen utilities (cutlery, plates, pans etc.). You can prepare your meals separately or together with your flatmates and fellow students. (the supermarket is not too far).
 60% of the energy expenses (water, gas and electricity) will have to be paid separately by the students.
The apartments are cleaned before your arrival. During the stay, you and your flatmates are responsible for the cleaning of your room and of the rooms used communally (kitchen and bathroom).
Bed-linens are provided by the Residence (every change costs 10 Euros), but you will need to bring your own towels.
Food stores are closed on Sundays.
Italy uses a 220 Volts/AC system. Plugs may differ from those in your home country and it’s possible that you might need an adaptor.

To make reservations for accommodation, we need your Application form and deposit (248 euro). Together with the confirmation of the school we will inform you about the exact fee of the selected accommodation. Please pay the total within the first three days upon arrival in Recanati. By paying the deposit you accept the arranged accommodation.

Private apartments (i.e. independent flats) are more comfortable than shared apartments and therefore more expensive. They are available for one or more persons. Prices are available on request. Please note that the private apartments must be reserved well in advance and the prices may vary depending on the number of persons. We need your deposit to make reservations.
Please notice: private apartments should be booked in large advance. Price may change according to the number of guests in each apartment.

Hotel Ginestra is a small family-run hotel. It is less than a 5 mins’ walk from school. It has a restaurant, an elevator and all rooms have a private bathroom. It offers half-board service (breakfast+ lunch OR dinner).
Scuola Dante Alighieri only makes the reservation for you. Payment itself has to be made directly to the hotel receptionist, but we do need your credit card number to make a reservation. Please make the hotel reservation well in advance.

Accommodation reservations run from Sunday evening before the beginning of the course (2 pm) to Saturday morning (9am) at the end of the course (from 2025 our 4-week course will end on Thursday hence the accommodation will have to be vacated on Friday). It is not possible to arrive earlier or depart after the due date.
We need to be informed at least 7 days in advance of your arrival day and time.
Tel. + 39 071 757 5943 (Secretariat). Mobile Phone: +39 342 7820856 (Anna)

We need to know the exact date and time of your arrival at least 7 days in advance.
Tel. +39 071 7575943 (school secretary) – mobile: +39 342 7820856 (Anna)

Bed-linen is provided and can be changed for a fee (10 Euros). However, you do need to bring your own towels.

There is a parking area in the city centre. Our students get a special discount. Limited free parking is available near the school.

Shared apartments: There is no washing-machine in the apartment itself, but you may use the washing machine of the Residence for a small fee. You can use both washing machines and dryers that are in the residence and pay 3,5 euros for every wash (max 5 kg-11 pounds) and 4 euros for the dryer. Otherwise you can go to laundries in town that offer a good service for a convenient price.

You can prepare your meals separately or together with your flatmates and fellow students. (the supermarket is not too far away). In every apartment there’s a kitchen with the necessary equipment to cook and eat. You can prepare meals with your friends.
You can find bars and restaurants in town where you can eat. 
Restaurant and Pizzeria “La Torre Antica” offers our students a particular discount of 10%.

We really only recommend booking a place in a double room for younger people. According to our experience mature people normally do not feel at ease in a double room as they may have to share it with very young people who have different habits and attitudes.

Upon arrival, we can organize a transfer service from Loreto train-station to Recanati  www.trenitalia.it which must be booked prior to your arrival.

Upon arrival and departure, we offer the following transfer services:

  1. from Fiumicino Intl. Airport (45 euros per person);
  2. from Rome Termini Train Station (45 euros per person);
  3. from Ancona Intl Airport (40 km away from Recanati – 70 euros per person).

We organize all transfers on the first Sunday at the beginning of the 4-week course and on Saturday at the end of the course. Our bus leaves Rome airport between 4.00 and 4.30 pm. Your flight has to arrive BEFORE 3 pm.

Always check the availability of our transfer services by e-mail. Seats must be booked at least 30 days before the start of the course (except for transfer service from Loreto railway station).

Taxis are easily found at the TAXI-ranks in the city centre or in front of the train station and at the airport.

In Recanati the cost of living is lower in comparison with other medium or large cities. The average cost for grocery at the supermarket is about 70 euros per week. In Recanati you can also find Eurospin (www.eurospin.it), one of the cheapest supermarkets in Italy. In a bar, a bottle of water can cost 1 euro, a cappuccino 1.30 euro, a beer 4 euros, a slice of pizza 1.20 euro, a sandwich 2 euro, a burger 6 euros. At the restaurant, a pizza plus a soda costs around 15 euros whereas a complete meal starts from 25 euros. A newspaper 1.20 euro, a ticket for a movie 5 euros. Petrol for cars is now 1.90 euros per litre.

Shops in Recanati (and in Italy in general) are open from 9am to 1pm and from 4.30pm to 8pm.

On Monday morning many shops are closed (i.e. hairdressers, beauty shops etc).

On Sundays, all shops are normally closed apart from bars and restaurants.

Our accommodation is located near the school. Recanati is a small quiet town where you can walk safely day or night, so students can take advantage of the school’s proximity to go for walks, or to have a drink and make new friends at the town’s bars and pubs. Near the school there are facilities for football, tennis, basketball and volleyball.


  1. Valid passport or identity card or any valid ID.
  2. Copies of passport and credit card.
  3. Telephone numbers to block credit cards in case of loss or theft.
  4. Tickets and reservations.
  5. Insurance documents.
  6. Money, traveller’s cheques and credit cards.
  7. Medicine and prescriptions.
  8. E111 form (for citizens from EU countries).
  9. Money and credit cards.
  10. School Address: Via Passero Solitario, 28 – 62019 Recanati (MC) ITALIA.
  11. Please inform the school about your date and time of arrival (tel. +39 342 7820856 or +39 071 7575943 or via e-mail: info@scuoladantealighieri.org). And if necessary, arrange your transfer and arrival to school. 

Although from the Alps to Sicily the summer in Italy is quite warm, the winter in Northern and Central Italy can be cool; The best weather in the cities is in spring and autumn. Average summer temperatures range from 18°C to 30°C (64°F to 86°F), the average winter temperature is around 4°C to 16°C (39°F to 61°F).

Credit Cards are accepted almost everywhere but usually for amount over €10-€15 (so don’t try to use your card when paying for a coffee in a bar!). You can withdraw money at Automatic Teller Machines (ATM), if you have an ATM card linked to an international network (Bancomat, Postomat, EC, Cirrus, Plus, Maestro etc.). Mastercard and Visa (with PIN number) may be used to withdraw cash from an ATM machine. You should not forget that there is a limited amount you can withdraw daily (check with your bank before departure).
From our ATMs you can withdraw only EUROS. We suggest you exchange some Euros before arriving in Italy.

We can send transcripts to American Universities, where our courses are usually accepted as valid language credits. We suggest you speak to your registrar prior to your enrollment. Please ask us for more information by sending an email to: direzione@scuoladantealighieri.org

Italy uses a 220 Volts/AC system.Additionally, wall sockets and plugs may differ from those in your home country. Be sure to get information about the possible need for an adaptor before your departure. You can buy an adaptor here for about €7.

We advise students to change money to euros in their own country as Italian banks only change money to account holders.   Avoid changing money in exchange-bureaus because of high commission rates. For a stay of more than 3 months, it may even be useful to open a bank account.

Faxes can be sent from the post office, from a lot of stationer’s shops (cartoleria) and from copy shops.

Our students are insured (for accidents) during classes and school activities (fun events, trips ecc). 
Participants are not insured for spare time outside school and accommodation (spending their free time somewhere).
They are not insured against illness, accident, theft or loss of personal possessions. We therefore recommend taking out a personal insurance policy.
During your stay in Italy, you must be personally insured against illness and accidents. Citizens from European Union countries are entitled to free medical care in Italy if they hold an E111 form which can be obtained from their local health authority in their home country before departing for Italy.
Students from non-EU countries must enquire with the authorities in their countries to know if they are insured during a stay abroad; if they are not covered, they should arrange health insurance to cover their stay in Italy.
Moreover, participants are advised to insure against loss of fees due to non-arrival, absence or unexpected termination of their course. Contact your travel agent for further details or contact our school.


The email addresses of our school cannot be used to receive private messages.
At our school, free Wifi is available for our students who can use their own devices (laptops, smartphones etc). You can get the password once you arrive at school from our Secretary. Also there is a computer connected to the internet and available for free.

Recanati has a modern hospital with an Emergency Room. Close to school the are doctors’ studios, dentists’ and pharmacies. Only the first-aid service in the Emergency Room of the hospital is free for anyone who is in need.
You should not forget to bring, if necessary, your own medical prescriptions. During your stay in Italy, you must be personally insured against illness and accidents. Citizens from European Union countries are entitled to free medical care in Italy if they hold an E111 form which can be obtained from their local health authority in their home country before departing for Italy.


Our school is closed on the following national and local public holidays: Easter Monday, April 25th (National Holiday), May 1st (Labour Day), June 2nd (Republic Day), June 15th (Saint Patron’s Day), August 15th (Assumption Day, called “Ferragosto”), November 1st (All Saints) December 8th (Immaculate Conception). There are no lessons on these days.

This is not the same for every person but we think that 80 – 100 Euro per week, in addition to the costs for food, should be enough. Such indication changes according to your habits, needs and necessities.

International telephone calls can be made from all public telephones (in telephone offices, bars, etc.).
The country code for Italy is +39. You can even rent an Italian cell phone to receive or make calls. We remind you to bring a phone that works in Italy. To buy a simcard costs approx 10 Euro whereas a cheap phone 30 Euro. Italy’s main mobile phone companies that offer convenient prices to call abroad are Tim and Vodafone.
Vodafone (www.vodafone.it) – TIM (www.tim.it)

There are several night- and Eurocity-day-connections with Italy. Reservations for sleeping car or couchettes should be made as early as possible. www.trenitalia.it.
The closest train station to Recanati is LORETO. It is 10 minutes away by car. It takes about 3 hours to get to Rome (with just 1 change).

Our School is also easily accessible from the national motorways.

Free parking is available near the school. There is a big public car park available in the city centre. Students get a special price. To rent a car costs around 50-60 € per day.
AVIS (www.avisautonoleggio.it).

Our school can be reached from the international airport in Ancona, Falconara (35km away, or 35min by car from Recanati) (www.ancona-airport.com). Main LowCost companies:

  1. www.volagratis.com
  2. www.ryanair.com
  3. www.easyjet.com

Citizens from the European Union do not need a visa and can enter Italy with an Identification card or Passport. Citizens from other countries should check with the nearest Italian Embassy or Consulate.
If you need a visa to extend your stay for more than 90 days you should apply for a ‘Type D'(student) visa. Scuola Dante Alighieri will provide you, after enrolment and payment of the deposit, with a certificate of enrolment for your visa application.

Italy uses Middle-European-Time (MET):

  1. Roma: ±0
  2. Londra: -1
  3. New York: -6
  4. Los Angeles: -9
  5. Tokyo: +8

From the end of March to the end of October the clocks in Italy are turned forwards one hour.


If you didn’t find what you were looking for, please feel free to enquire by email


Scuola Dante Alighieri - lun/sab 09AM 6PM